Covering what’s next and what’s big, SuperSessions offer a spotlight for showcasing out-of-the-box ideas. These free sessions feature the voices shaping our industry, from C-level executives and consumer technology industry leaders to futurists and innovators.

Emerging Trends in Gaming

presented by CEA

11:30 AM-12:30 PM January 6

LVCC, North Hall, Room N258

Some of the industry’s biggest names, and most innovative companies, discuss the impact that virtual reality, free-to-play and mobile games are having on the massive global gaming business.

Moderator Ophir Lupu, Agent, Head of Video Games, UTA

Speaker Richard Huddy, Chief Gaming Scientist, AMD

Speaker Michael Pachter, Research Analyst, Wedbush Securities

Speaker Jason Rubin, Head of Studios, Oculus

Speaker Jonathan Simpson-Bint, Chief Revenue Officer, Twitch

Welcome to the Era of Personal Entertainment

presented by Ericsson

11:30 AM-12:30 PM January 6

LVCC, North Hall, Room N257

The linear episodic viewing experience doesn't cut it anymore. Viewers are flocking to short-form, personalized, easily shared and original content. On the move and on multiple screens they want to interact with their favorite characters or sports stars on their own terms.

Moderator Andrew Keen, CEO, Andrew Keen Productions

Speaker John Donovan, Senior Executive Vice President - AT&T Technology & Operations, AT&T Inc.

Speaker Mark Miles, Chief Executive Officer, Indy Car

Speaker George Strompolos, CEO, Fullscreen

Speaker Hans Vestberg, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ericsson Group

Speaker Marni Walden, EVP and President, Product and New Business Innovation, Verizon

The Future of Robotics

presented by Engadget

1-2 PM January 6

LVCC, North Hall, Room N257

From military drones, to exosuits that augment human capabilities, robotics is one of the most exciting areas of technology. We're bringing together the industry’s finest minds to talk about the current state of robotics, and where the technology is headed. 


Speaker Chris Anderson, CEO, 3D Robotics

Speaker Nate Harding , CEO and Co-Founder, Ekso Bionics

Speaker Dr. Werner Huber, Head of Driver Assistance and Perception, BMW Group Research and Technology

Speaker Paolo Pirjanian, Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, iRobot

The Next Big Thing: New Realities

presented by CNET

3:30-4:30 PM January 6

LVCC, North Hall, Room N257

Join CNET superstars Brian Cooley, Tim Stevens and a panel of luminaries discussing the exciting future of virtual and augmented reality. How will these technologies impact gaming? Driving? Entertainment?  Life? We explore the imminent change VR and AR will bring. 

Moderator Brian Cooley, Editor-at-Large, CNET

Moderator Tim Stevens, Editor-at-Large, CNET

Speaker Jens Christensen, CEO, Jaunt

Speaker Jeri Ellsworth, Co-Founder and Chief Hardware Engineer, Technical Illusions

Speaker Palmer Luckey, Founder and CEO, Oculus VR

Speaker Ray Velez, Global Chief Technology Officer, Razorfish

The Market for Smart Watches

presented by CEA

10-11 AM January 7

Venetian, Level 1, Casanova 605

Is there a solid business model in the smart watch market? The Apple Watch has brought new attention to the conversation.  How will new leaders and emerging trends impact the companies and competitors striving to mainstream the smart watch in our digital lifestyle?

Moderator Tim Bajarin, President, Creative Strategies

Speaker Dennis Miloseski, Vice President, Design, Samsung

Speaker Jeff Bonforte, Senior Vice President of Communication Products, Yahoo

Speaker Jef Holove, General Manager, Basis, an Intel Company

Speaker Steve Sinclair, Vice President, Product Marketing, Motorola Mobility

Neil Young on Why High-Resolution Music Matters

10:15-11:15 AM January 7

LVCC, North Hall, Room N257

Rock icon Neil Young shares his passion for high-res music and explains how he founded PonoMusic to realize his vision of a high-quality digital music ecosystem for everyone, not just audiophiles.

Moderator Nathan Brackett, Executive Editor, Rolling Stone

Speaker Neil Young, CEO, PonoMusic

The Evolution of the Smart Home

presented by CEA

1-2 PM January 7

Venetian, Level 1, Casanova 605

From connected appliances to home automation, industry experts explore what is possible with the latest smart home technology and innovations. Is the smart home ready for broader consumer adoption? Does DIY make smart home a reality?

Moderator Grant Clauser, Technology Editor, Electronic House

Speaker Dr.-Ing. Rainer Kallenbach, CEO, Bosch Software Innovations GmbH

Speaker Kevin Meagher, VP and General Manager Smart Home, Lowe's Home Improvement

Speaker Michael Pessina, President, Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

Speaker Christopher Schlaeffer, CEO and Founder, yetu

One-on-One with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

presented by CEA

1-1:45 PM January 7

LVCC, North Hall, Room N257

Join FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro for a candid conversation about Chairman Wheeler’s exciting first year. They will discuss spectrum issues, developments in broadband and open Internet, competition policy and other critical issues. 

Speaker Gary Shapiro, President and CEO, CEA

Speaker Tom Wheeler, Chairman, FCC