Covering what’s next and what’s big, SuperSessions offer a spotlight for showcasing out-of-the-box ideas. These free sessions feature the voices shaping our industry, from C-level executives and consumer technology industry leaders to futurists and innovators.

The Future of Robotics

presented by Engadget

1-2 PM January 6

LVCC, North Hall, Room N257

From military drones, to exosuits that augment human capabilities, robotics is one of the most exciting areas of technology. We're bringing together the industry’s finest minds to talk about the current state of robotics, and where the technology is headed. 


The Next Big Thing: New Realities

presented by CNET

3:30-4:30 PM January 6

LVCC, North Hall, Room N257

Join CNET superstars Brian Cooley, Tim Stevens and a panel of luminaries discussing the exciting future of virtual and augmented reality. How will these technologies impact gaming? Driving? Entertainment?  Life? We explore the imminent change VR and AR will bring. 

Future of Gaming

11:30 AM-12:30 PM January 7

LVCC, North Hall, Room N257

Some of the industry’s biggest names, and most innovative companies, discuss the impact that virtual reality, free-to-play and mobile games are having on the massive global gaming business.

One-on-One with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

1-2 PM January 7

LVCC, North Hall, Room N257

Join FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro for a candid conversation about Chairman Wheeler’s exciting first year. They will discuss spectrum issues, developments in broadband and open Internet, competition policy and other critical issues.