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What to Expect

C Space is the CES experience for creative communicators, brand marketers, advertising agencies, digital publishers and social networks. It tells the story of how content, creativity, technology and influencers come together to discover new ways to elevate their industry, business and brand.

C Space will span across CES, from the headquarters at ARIA in Tech South to Tech East and Tech West. The entire C Space experience will unfold in unique and imaginative ways. You’ll experience exhibits and serendipitous opportunities with some of the world’s most renowned brands, advertisers, content platforms and more; an unparalleled conference program diving into the synergies and growth of content and brand integration; and networking events and evening soirees to cap off a successful day of deals, developments and strategizing.

Let C Space help you navigate through the breaking developments of your industry at the world’s most influential technology show. Check back soon to see what's planned for special events, conference programming and more.

Every brand has a captivating narrative. You'll see there story unfold through their distinctive participation in C Space at CES. Stay tuned to see who to expect.

Hours for C Space exhibits at ARIA
Exhibiting hours differ slightly from the overall CES show floor hours:   

  • Wednesday, January 6     10 AM-6 PM  
  • Thursday, January 7         10 AM-6 PM
  • Friday, January 8               10 AM-2 PM